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Welcome to the world of 1001 Good Deeds!

My name is Kathrin Gnilka. I am a nature enthusiast and philanthropist, a Sales and Marketing professional, Life Coach and Sustainability expert with 20 years of experience in corporate environments. My aim in life is to make a real change in this world and I founded 1001 Good Deeds to help businesses become sustainable leaders in their industry!

Climate Change is the biggest threat to humankind today, and while we keep discussing if it is humanmade or not or if we can afford climate action, the clock is ticking. Over the past decades, we exploited our natural resources, polluted our rivers and oceans, released tons of harmful emission into our atmosphere and cut down our forests - with disastrous consequences.

The ten major natural disasters in 2018 caused damage of $85 Billion. Cost for healthcare related to climate change is increasing dramatically. Millions of jobs are at stake, and the number of climate refugees is rising year on year.

So the question should not be if we can afford climate action - it must be if we can afford not to act.

Businesses and Industries have a tremendous impact on the environment naturally. But there are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint. 1001 Good Deeds helps your business to become a sustainable leader in your industry by evaluating your workflows and bringing the sustainable aspect into action. Our training will help your team to understand their impact on the environment and support you in your endeavours to reduce your carbon footprint while saving cost along the way.

We have a short time window left to act. Let's this time wisely and secure the future of the generations to come.

Reach out to us today! We look forward to working with you!